Medicine Safety

Medicines play a large role in keeping us healthy as well as helping us recover from various types of illnesses. We often take vitamins to increase our energy levels. When we fall sick, we consult the doctor to find the ailment we are suffering from and prescribe the medicine required to help us combat that illness. Doctors typically check the pulse of a patient along with his blood pressure and examine his chest with the help of a stethoscope to figure out the ailment. If necessary, and if he has any doubt, he might also prescribe pathological tests such as blood, urine, and stool. In certain cases, he might recommend the patient to go for X-ray or electro cardiogram tests. He might also recommend CT scan of the brain or other parts of the body if necessary. He then analyses the results of these tests to determine the ailment the patient is suffering from and prescribe medicines accordingly.

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Packaging of medicines

In the past, manufacturers used to pack medicines, including tablets and capsules, in glass bottles. Even today, syrups, expectorants, and other liquid formulations are packed in bottles. However, the method of packing medicines in bottles was soon discarded, as it subjected the capsules and tablets to the atmosphere each time the patient opened the bottle, contaminating the medicine stored in them. Gelatine, used as a cover in capsules was susceptible to moisture and used to stick to each other, especially in hot and humid weather conditions. To prevent medicines from losing their potency, manufacturers started using the sealing machine.

Different type of packaging

The first generation of such machines packed medicines between two layers of aluminium foil. The user had to strip the foil along the edge of the tablet or capsule to take out the medicine. However, as makers of spurious drugs started using such machines, manufacturers started using sealing machine that sealed the drugs in blister packs. This consists of a pack containing transparent polyester on one side and aluminium on the other. Machines used for this type of packaging are costly and have reduced the manufacture and sale of spurious drugs significantly. Such packs also ensure that the medicines remain safe from the weather.

Importance of sealing machine

The sealing machine employs an automated system in which the pills and capsules are sealed the moment they are manufactured. This ensures that they remain clean and hygienic.

How to store medicines safely

In order to ensure that the medicines retain their potency till their expiry date, one should store them at or below the recommended temperature recommended by the manufacturer. Users should also ensure that they store medicines in such a way that they are not subjected to sunlight as that can damage the potency of the drug. This is why manufacturer often pack medicine in blister packs having dark coloured transparent polyester on one side. This allows users to view the number of tablets/ capsules remaining in the pack, as well as prevent direct sunlight from penetrating. Following the storage recommendations of the manufacturer ensures that medicines retain their full potency up to their expiry date.